It’s this way

“From the highest of Heaven, Superior beings come down to show us the way to the Christ Kingdom; we are guided, they fill it with signs.

It is this way, the Ascension at Peace, Love, and Consciousness to His Kingdom, is from Junín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina.

As we stand on our feet and order ourselves in both family and cosmic systems, we can clearly see them.

Where we are going to the base is Peace, Love, and eternal learning.

Thanks Heaven for so much Patience and Love…”

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,60 m x 0,40 m
Base: US$ 480.000.-


The World Lighthouse

“Our Higher Brothers are already waiting for us, in Junín de los Andes, this is Heaven’s physical chosen place for the materialization of a meditation, spiritual healing, and planetary ascension Center, which will be a Lighthouse for the rest of planet Earth.

Free will is limited; Earth will be cleaned and improved, as a Universe natural and evolutionary process, it’s everyone exit, since no physical vehicle can support the cleaning of a planet, which this time will be carried out by the fire”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,80 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 144.000.

The Love of Christ


“33 is Christ’s Energy in numbers, synonymous with Love; Love and Christ are the same.

It is His second arrival, this time it will be within the heart of each human that chooses to go to His Kingdom, we are blessed to receive Him in our hearts”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,50 m x 0,70 m
Base: US$ 330.000.

The Great Mother


“Being of the 56 dimension, in its real plane is an enormous Light. It manifests itself like this so that we can understand it in this material plane.

I just had to uncover it from the canvas, it appeared in parts, first the left eye, then the nose, and the mouth, later the rest was materialized”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 1,00 m x 0,90 m
Base: US$ 180.000.



“13.500 years ago we fell as race (for the second time), by using power in a wrong way; we believed ourselves almighty. There is only one and it’s our Father/Mother God.

Because of his Compassion, He is coming back to help us, though He never left because we are inside.

On the image the message is very clear, this time is for serious… there is no place for evilness where we are going.

In 1992 we had an internal soul consultation, we only have left to confirm it here on Earth. It’s one by one, no one can do it for the other brother, we ascend in order to the family system as in the cosmic system, to which we all belong”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,70 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 880.000.



“The fourth-dimensional planet that is waiting for us after the evacuation of Earth”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,50 m x 0,70 m
Base: US$ 130.000.



“God’s Assistance in our being, first chaos, then transmutation”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,60 m x 1,00 m
Base: US$ 160.000.

Cosmic Healing


“Energy from Higher dimensions than ours, assisting in our healing, a great blessing”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,60 m x 1,00 m
Base: US$ 150.000.


′′On September 2008, the image of Jesus was printed on a picture that I was painting (the same one is located on the left side above the painting). It appeared in front of my eyes when I was asking for a sign that everything I was receiving, belonged to a Divine Plan.

Along with Jesus, you can see other Beings of higher dimensions on the painting, for now, our physical vision can only visualize other planes in this way. To me it was the ultimate confirmation of my task here on Earth.

Everyone is welcome to join us; your participation is necessary. Blessings to you all”.

Mariano Pignataro

(Founder and President)

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,80 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 3 million



“To the Kingdom of Light, is the process that half of the human beings (among the incarnate and discarnate), by personal choice, are living.

To know that Superior Beings to our race, are those making it possible and surrender, will make this step to the fourth and fifth dimensions possible. 

The paradise experience will materialize more and more”.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 1,00 m x 1,20 m
Base: US$ 500.000.-

Side face


“This is how we perceive some of these extraterrestrial Beings, in their real plane, They are only Light.

As we are in a material planet, we need to give them names and shapes so we can understand them.

They come from different universes and worlds.

Unfortunately, human beings ridiculed them through the movies, making them look like destructive beings, invasive, and warlike.

Nothing is further from the truth, they are loving Beings who are here to help us if we give them an internal approval”.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,30 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 650.000.



“Love is not a human quality here in the third dimension, we only talk about it, that is why from different cosmic dimensions, extraterrestrial Beings are bringing it to the planet”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,60 m x 0,80 m
Base: US$ 60.000.-


The arrival on Earth of Beings from Higher dimensions (here we know them as Angels, Archangels, the Virgin, Shiva, Buddha, etc…)

For now, only a few receive them with hope and wonder; the human mind elevates and figures something of what is coming.

A human being with a star in his hand gives us the warning voice; something beautiful is coming.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 1,00 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 220.000.-

The Alchemist


“Alchemy is the magical transformation, this Painting shows us how with magic, some brushstrokes without any guide or form… can turn into a profound love encounter between man and woman.

This Painting has struck me a lot, I discovered it when I was finishing coloring the magician’s galley. When I saw it, I surrendered myself to the paint that the Higher Beings gave us, that’s why I signed it like that ”.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,40 m x 0,70 m
Base: US$ 120.000.-


I beg you


The child, the adolescent, the man, Jesus, the request to the woman, the mother, the Saint.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,60 m x 0,70 m
Base: US$ 90.000.-



“The Almighty feminine part recognition, it’s possible through meditation, with the inner vision”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,70 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 180.000.-

Higher Self

“His look reflects the Being consciousness in the fifth dimension. All the human beings here in the third dimension, on Earth, are part of our Higher Self that is in the fifth dimension. We came to learn and to balance the past lives disorders since the last fall that we had as a race, in Atlantis, about 13,500 years ago.

Thank God, for many, this is the last incarnation here; it’s the returning home, we reconnect with our Higher Self. We will no longer have any fallen part learning by suffering.

The process is guided by our Higher Brothers with Christ at command, we ascend in direct communication, in total surrender.

We are blessed, it’s an individual move, one by one, and no one can do it for the other brother”.

Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,90 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 90.000.-




“South America, chosen land by Beings from Higher dimensions, as a place of spiritual healing and Ascension.

Argentina, as Solari Parravicini well predicted, as a lighthouse of the world. It’s already working as a great cosmic magnet, attracting souls who chose Peace, Kindness, Consciousness, Ascension”.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,70 m x 0,90 m
Base: US$ 90.000.-


“It is time to share the experience, the wisdom of the new, the energy that the little ones bring; this way, we will all benefit.

It is time to allow the children to teach us, that’s what they came for”.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,90 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 80.000.-



“Peace, Love, Harmony, Serenity, Brotherhood, is what is coming from the next stage.

These cosmic Beings are giving us a sample of it”.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,50 m x 1,00 m
Base: US$ 30.000.-

The Vortex


“Higher-dimensional Beings are descending in ships of different geometric shapes and tornado-shaped vortices.

For the moment, the human eye cannot distinguish them, only digital cameras can”.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,70 m x 0,60 m
Base: US$ 70.000.-

The Awakening


“The human being essence, their third dimension evolutionary beginning, opens his eyes and sees for the first time, it’s just a matter of time.

In the deepest of the human being, the process has begun, it’s from the inside to the outside”.


Technique: acrylic on canvas 0,60 m x 0,80 m
Base: US$ 350.000.-