We are L.A.N.I.N. FOUNDATION (Lograr en Armonía Nuestra Iluminación Nuevamente = Get back our Enlightment). This is a non-profit organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We founded it in 2011 upon Jesus Christ’s request, to be His right hand on Earth. Our objective is the awakening of human consciousness to truth, which is achieved through personal experience.

These are sacred times. We are about to ascend on a planetary scale. This is a process towards the Kingdom of Light, extraordinary and sacred, for the Earth, for the human beings that have chosen Truth, and for the Universe. Our task is to awaken consciousness and guide those going to the fourth and fifth dimensions. 

Aligned with that objective, the Foundation is carrying out different activities: gatherings for Spiritual Healing in the presence of Heaven; Om Mani Padme Hum meditations; donations of the book “Meditation, Spiritual Healing and planetary ascension” to public libraries; meditation gatherings; reading out our book to the elderly and institutions requesting this service; exhibition of the Collection of Paintings of the Foundation; get-away spiritual gatherings in the presence of Heaven, and the training of coordinators – among others.

Some of these activities are totally free, while others require a voluntary contribution. The gatherings are taking place in more and more cities in Argentina and Uruguay.

Our aim is to set up a Center for Meditation, Spiritual Healing and Planetary Ascension in Junín de los Andes –a small town in Neuquén Province, Argentina. This Center will be the Lighthouse of the World radiating God’s Love. Also, the evacuation towards fourth and fifth dimension planets will take place from this spot.

Very soon, two opposing and simultaneous processes will manifest with higher and higher intensity. On the one hand, around 30% of all incarnate human beings will go through the ascension process in Peace, Love, Brotherhood and Consciousness, guided by our Elder Brothers. We are eternal beings of Light (now in a human body). We are returning Home, the Kingdom of Light, based on Love and Peace.

On the other hand, the remaining 70% will leave the planet painfully by individual choice (due to famine, global warming, nuclear war). Evil cannot go to the Kingdom of Light; neither can those who have chosen to stick to matter.

We are on the verge of Christ’s Second Coming. He will not incarnate this time, but will come into the hearts of those who have chosen to go back to His Kingdom. We have already made this choice at soul level; now is the time to confirm it on Earth. This process is experiential, individual, truthful, straight with Heaven, while collective at the same time: on a planetary scale.

Christ’s plan is already in progress. It is for everyone and goes beyond any segregating illusion on Earth (eg. sex, culture, religion, physical condition, and race).  It is already possible for us to stop learning through suffering, and keep on learning in harmony, conscientiousness, directly connected with our Elder Brothers.

We fell 13,500 years ago due to our pride and arrogance. For the Love of God, now we are ascending with humility and in total surrender. This is the same for everyone. It is the countdown for a collective awakening. The process is beyond us. For many of us, this is the end of three-dimensional learning. We have never been alone. Instead, Higher Beings, loving members of our Family of Light come to assist us. Yet, as They respect our free will, they cannot undergo the process on our behalf.

We are bound together by Christ’s Plan, which is the same for everyone. If you go along with it in your heart, join us. Heaven needs us all. It is for our own greatest good and Heaven’s highest aims.

We are fully blessed. Thanks Heaven for so much Love!